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We are delighted to have participants coming from everywhere: Romania, Spain, Serbia, Brazil, Portugal, France, US, Australia, Croatia, UK, Turkey, Latvia, Greece, Lithuania, Ukraine, Belarus, Italy, Slovakia, Switzerland, Russia


I really really want to recommend Maria’s training from the bottom of my heart. Maria is truly a professional, very involved in her job and very detail-oriented. I applied for her training in Paris and I must say that I truly made the right decision. I learned a lot about the Corporate Flight Attendant job, things I wouldn't have known otherwise, she was truly involved in the project, from offering us the best conditions and the best tools to work with and learn. We stayed each day 12-14 hours. She is truly an inspiration to me, very diplomatic and polite, she responded to all of our questions (which were a lot!) and her training is indeed worth it. She also helped me a lot with my CV and cover letter and she is extremely serious about her job. I truly hope more and more girls could learn from her. Thank you, Maria, for everything!

I have been a Flight Attendant since 2001 on both Commercial and Presidential Flights. A dear friend who is a VVIP Flight Attendant gave me the greatest Career gift. She introduced me to Mrs. Maria Agudo Tarancon.
Since our very first contact, Maria showed who she really was and what she did represent. An Amazing lady, a very experienced VIP Flight Attendant, Instructor and Recruiter and most importantly, a very caring and supportive person who dearly adores her job.
The location, Maria’s warm welcome, the immaculately organized Training, her Elegance, the eye for detail and her enormous passion for VIP Excellence structured a unique experience for all.
Personally, as a very passionate with VIP Aviation Flight Attendant, Maria’s Training is literally the definition of Perfection. The environment, the conducted Knowledge, the little details, the tips and the experience were all given straight from Maria’s heart.
The amazing thing is that Maria is standing next to all of us, coaching, advising, supporting and assisting in every possible way.
Honestly, I cannot think anything better than Maria’s VIP Training. All the Flight Attendants who wish to do their next step in VIP Aviation SHOULD participate in Maria’s “Excellence Silver Service Training” and mark my words, you will be taken in a very inspiring and fascinating journey.
Maria, a HUGE thank you for everything.

So glad I did it. It inspired me, and I think Maria is amazing instructor. It was worth every minute to be there.
It was clear. After theory it was practical. Full hands-on training. Really useful I think is the best way to memorize things and if there were any questions we had time to ask and discuss things.
It is a training full of tasks, information, really intense without repeating itself. It consisted so much good advice and life hacks for a VIP Flight Attendant, very useful.
I was impressed by amount of materials, manual. How well prepared everything was. We could touch and try to use every single thing.

I would like to recommend this training to any VIP flight attendant willing to enhance their skills. Maria is a great instructor with a lot of knowledge in service and hospitality. It was a recurrent for me and I have to say that I learnt a lot, different way to do things, a so many new and good ideas for my service, decoration...it gave me confidence. Long days but it goes very quickly with lots of hands-on, Maria is passionate, and she share it with all of us. Loved the tips for last minute changes and some musts to have onboard. Thank you for everything!

I highly recommend this training to new or experienced VIP flight attendants. It was an amazing experience in all sections (theoretically and practically). I enjoyed every single moment.
The equipment that we had to practice was pretty close to the amenities on board. We had great practice with the amazing meals that were equal to the meals that are served on board.
I loved the atmosphere that the trainer created from the 1st minute, the patience that she showed to our questions, the details that she insisted to point out and the transmissibility of Ms. Agudo to transfer her knowledge and experience to the trainees.

I recommend this course for anyone looking to enter the Industry or anyone looking to improve their skills. This Industry is about detailing every flight to the client and enjoying it along the way. With a fresh, fun and practical approach every person who participates in the training will come out eager, motivated and looking forward to putting into place the skills they have learnt.
I think this training has been well revised and planned. Providing a course in a restaurant and a hotel room, using aircraft restrictions is a great way to introduce people to the Industry with modern conditions. It also sparks an awareness for those already in the Industry to use their everyday surroundings as constant training tools.
I loved the tools and resources provided, (i.e. hotel room & beds used for cabin training + restaurant & kitchen for service training). All the theory is followed by practical and hands-on learning. The printed manual is very good. The fact that it contains many useful tips and even menu examples is great to keep and use.
It is a training extremely complete including the individual coaching and interview techniques offered to everyone.

I absolutely recommend this training. It was awesome experience to meet Maria and learn from her valuable experiences. I feel very lucky to have found and attended this training. You may be a good VIP flight attendant, but after this training you will be the best VIP Flight Attendant!
The Course environment is warm and elegant with great hands-on practice.
The equipment and materials let us practice efficiently. Maria is really experienced, helpful and willing to teach everything she knows.

I highly recommend this training for those willing to transfer to private aviation.
I really enjoyed the training. The atmosphere was very friendly and not too intense and given in a very professional way. Maria is very experienced, gave us a lot of useful tips, hints how to act and what to do in one or another situation, which is very helpful to know and not to feel lost.
Whole provided materials distributed and information was really important and very useful for further work career. Lots of hands-on giving us the opportunity to practice ad learn.

I truly enjoyed attending the VIP flight attendant training. The intensive three days course provided many useful information and insight about the corporate aviation. As well practical skill set to prepare you and give you the confidence to deliver the best performance on board. I would strongly recommend this training to anyone interested in elevating their career.
We saw the insight of the corporate aviation throughout the course and what would be our roles and responsibilities.
The training was amazing experience with many valuable information not only for my future work, but also as a personal experience. What I have liked the most is that everything was practical and it is the easiest way to really learn and remember, like: how to handle difficult and unpredictable situations (lack of meals, using all the resources we have on board, pop up flights...), arranging flowers and cabin decoration, serving luxury food like caviar and balik , breakfast preparation, especially arranging fruits as well as having tips for products and “tools” to bring with us on board to be more creative.

I highly recommend this training to any flight attendant looking for to work in private aviation. I never thought the role of a VIP flight attendant would be so different (even working in first class in a well-known airline). I learn all the responsibilities and how to do it thanks to all the practice.
I loved the lunch service and plating part with the chef, cabin decoration and flower arrangements, menu design, catering orders.... Maria has a great knowledge and a lot of patience with our questions.
The coaching is a real plus and it really helps you. I t was a wonderful experience, thank you so much to all of you.