Consulting & Training


An Efficient, Effective and Excellent In-Flight customer service makes the difference.

Would you like to know what and how to improve or boost your customer service provided on-board?

Excellence Silver Service Training has developed a unique program for Private Jet Companies or Private Owners bespoke to the variety of your needs and requirements:

  • Support the Flight Attendant Manager, In-Flight Service Manager or Private Owner by identifying and evaluating during an observation flight with their flight attendant, the different points to review & improve to meet their high standards required and exceed their Customer Expectations.
  • Organize an In-House tailor-made training for the Corporate Flight Attendants in liaise with the audit report findings and type of aircraft and operation.
  • Offer complementary In-Flight coaching, practicing one-to-one, all the skills learnt during the customized course, ensuring the assigned objectives are achieved and effective on board, in the defined aircraft.


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