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We are delighted to have participants coming from everywhere: Romania, Spain, Serbia, Brazil, Portugal, France, US, Australia, Croatia, UK, Turkey, Latvia, Greece, Lithuania, Ukraine, Belarus, Italy, Slovakia, Switzerland, Russia

If you are looking into pursue a career as a VIP Flight attendant and improve your service skills, I do recommend VIP Flight Attendant Excellence Silver Service Training. Ms. Tarancon delivered the course with most excellence, showing her high knowledge about the industry and desire to fully prepare her students to start a new and exciting challenge in their lives. All practical exercises were excellent, including food service and flowers/cabin arrangement.

I recommend this training to unexperienced and experienced VIP Flight Attendants.
It has been a very inspirational experience to step forward in my career of flight attendant, and also extremely motivated to do it better on my current position on board. I learnt something new, especially about to handle VIP food and to gather extra ideas to surprise and to exceed expectation of discerning customer on board.
It is a very well-structured training course to gather experience in the sophisticated world of hospitality.
It was a great opportunity to experience food plating with real food, and overall ‘to do’ the preparation for a VIP flight, especially learning techniques about plating, cutting fruits and flower arrangements.
Learning about catering order and get a better understanding of how to find alternative solutions if inconvenient events happened.
I love the concrete examples Mrs. Maria Agudo shared with us about her extensive experiences as private flight attendant, that can be very useful.
I really appreciated the individual time Mrs. Maria Agudo dedicated to each candidate (especially the coaching session). Stefania
I highly recommend this training. It was an amazing experience, it went beyond my expectations. All hands-on practice, everything is detailed, after the 3 days, we are really prepared to make an excellent service onboard.
I loved all the tips and advices from Maria, all the solutions she gave us for any problem we could have. Styling the cabin, flowers arrangements and plate decoration, Maria is very creative and make us be creative!
Awesome coaching and follow up. Thank you so much!

I would definitely recommend the training to everyone who is interested in pursuing this path.
The training as a whole is very well delivered and a mentor Maria Agudo makes it interesting, therefore making a good learning experience. The content was clear, and the best thing is hands-on technique - Demonstrating and applying the points to create greater understanding and knowledge.
Mentor Maria brings ingenuity and her own natural curiosity to the task of training. She creates an environment in the training session that encourages learning and inspires us to reach beyond what we already know to explore new ideas and methods. We practiced in real space/real situations, and practice for tough situations.
Making beds in the hotel, is also very useful and it is a good preparation for work onboard.
The Silver Service Training Handbook is very well-designed handout which is well thought in the training is very helpful/useful.

I highly recommend this training for all VIP Flight Attendants. I feel more confident in my service and I have 1000 new ideas. This a very high-level training and very complete. Nothing is left to the chance.
I loved the lunch service practice and clearing as well as the creativity with the plate decoration. The preparation of welcomes and flowers arrangements.
Great CV and cover letter Coaching. Thanks, Maria, for your assistance and follow up.

I highly recommend this training it to every person who wants to get in Corporate Aviation! The training is very dense, organized and prepared me very well to the corporate aviation world. gives you all the keys to success!
I loved the fact that we could practice a lot because it is very important), we received a lot of tips and advises I learned point by point how to become the best corporate flight attendant.
Being in a small group gives you the opportunity to practice everything no missing any detail.
The personal CV and interview coaching also prepared me in order to apply for jobs. Maria helped me during but also after the training and gave me all the keys to success!

I definitely recommend this training. Maria is the best professional I ever worked with so far.
The training was easy to understand and had a great atmosphere. We had a lot of helpful material throw all the course, very complete. We practiced everything during the 3 days, and I can’t wait to try it all in my new job. Maria makes every minute worth it. If I could I would give her 10 stars not 5. Keep going you are the best!

I highly recommend this course. It gave me a detailed idea of the actual job and a good understanding of the business. Also, a fully preparation for interviews and the future job itself. Gave me a lot of ideas on how to do better even to deal with unpleasant situations. Now I feel more prepared and confident and I have a clear idea about the corporate flight attendant responsibilities.
Mrs. Agudo is more than very well prepared to answer all the questions we had and have fun with us in the training.
I loved the floral design and styling the cabin practice, matching the colors with the fruit’s basket and magazines. Plating the food and garnish it in the kitchen. How to attend an interview and tips for the cv/cover letter/pictures.

I recommend this training for experienced VIP flight attendants. It was great, it taught me many things I did not know.
I learnt how to create elegant the Flower arrangements and fruit baskets. The way how to plate and arrange the dishes. Great tips to different dishes we can create when we do not have much catering on board.
Maria is very energetic and passes on her passion.

I recommend this training course. It opens a brand-new world for you, it gives you confidence and is overall beneficial for people who’d like to work on themselves. It is worth the money!
The silver service training is excellent. Maria is an extremely professional & experienced lady, and at the same time, very friendly and easily approachable. She’s the type of person who’s easy to learn from. Together with all the information, tips and tricks, it makes the training a very pleasant experience for anybody & everybody.
I think the training is very well structured & organized, great experience, friendly atmosphere and practice. Maria is very flexible and could stay longer than predicted.

I highly recommend this course for all commercial flight attendant looking for a position in Private Aviation. This 3-day training experience is priceless.
Lots of hands-on, I loved the definition of style in simplicity, the creativity, the “do’s and “don’ts and all the materials we had for the practice.

I recommend this training. It was a beautiful life experience that was fun and useful at the same time.
This training has taught me many new things that will help me in my further career. The materials we get will greatly help us in our further career as well as in our lives.
Maria is very professional and has a lot of experience and knowledge.

I would definitely recommend this training. It takes place in a lovely city, the restaurant it ́s really good and have professional staff. The trainer Maria it ́s really nice, professional and helpful.
The materials were all very helpful. From the hand-book till the food, drinks, and utensils to practice the excellence service. The training had a theoretical and practical contents. Very good tips. The practical content it ́s very important, not only watch but do it yourself. The numbers of training attendees were the perfect, not too many.
This training it ́s very important to the ones that want to join private aviation. Because there are many concepts that we have to learn how to do it.