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We are delighted to have participants coming from everywhere: Romania, Spain, Serbia, Brazil, Portugal, France, US, Australia, Croatia, UK, Turkey, Latvia, Greece, Lithuania, Ukraine, Belarus, Italy, Slovakia, Switzerland, Russia

I recommend this training. Maria has a lot of experience and knowledge. She gave training class before, so she is used to receiving a lot of questions from us, it can be stressful after some time, but she was patient and all the questions have been answered. The materials distributed were helpful.
During the training we have had the chance to handle Luxury products such as: Balik, Foie grass and many others. We have had the opportunity to plate meals which is something vital to learn for this job as well as how to decorate the cabin and how to prepare an immaculate cabin.
The personalized coaching after the training is something really important as well, I am thankful that Maria decided to include it in the training, is the cherry on the pie.

I will absolutely recommend this training to all the flight attendants who are trying to enter the world of corporate aviation. The manual is very good and useful.
It was useful to have possibility to try immediately what was taught.
Maria has a lot of experience and gave us many practical and exact tips, including brands of exact products to be used which is awesome.
I appreciate willingness of Maria to go through everything calmly and to answer the questions.
It was really good to have a real kitchen and learn how to decorate the plates with the Chef, the place is very nice. Lucia
I will definitely recommend this training. It was really a good experience.
The training course was awesome: the manual, the flower compositions and cabin decoration, doing the service in real conditions and all the practice give us a great knowledge.
Maria is a very experienced and gave a lot of examples especially about the “survival kit» and the manual is very useful. Valeria
I highly recommend this training. This course was exactly what I was expecting: the knowledge of the VIP service, different cultural services, how to manage catering.... I loved all the attention to details (cabin, food presentation, service) and all the advices and tips from Maria and the experienced flight attendants.
I feel more familiar with the responsibilities of a VIP flight attendant, silver service and private aviation industry.

I recommend this training for flight attendants willing to work in Private aviation. I really enjoyed the course, I learnt all the necessary to work in a private jet, it was great that we had a lot of practice, is the best way to learn. I appreciated the fact that Maria shared with us all her experience and gave us a lot of advises and tips. We have a very useful manual that will help us to remember everything and continue learning. Thank you so much Maria!

Awesome experience, I really recommend this training. Everything was very well organized. Miss Agudo is a very professional and passionate instructor who made us feel comfortable and welcomed from the very beginning. I loved the place and all the practice, the luxury food, all the materials, the hand-book, making the beds at the hotel.... I feel much comfortable with role, I know now the exact responsibilities. Every topic was covered in detail, I enjoyed every minute, and everything was worth it.
Excellent coaching, so important to succeed when applying. Thank you very much Miss Agudo.

I highly recommend this training for all the flight attendants willing to enter in private aviation. The place is very elegant, and everything was perfectly organized. Great to do it in small groups, you really have the time to practice everything in detail. I loved the lunch service, the cabin decoration and the training at the hotel. Maria makes everything easy and understandable, she shares all her knowledge and experience with her heart, she is very passionate.
The coaching really helps you to be fully prepared in all the aspects.